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About Us

For 50 years we have become masterful at creating print and online content, and have matched numerous clients’ messages with readers. As this world becomes more reliant on digital platforms, now is the time to expand our creative ability and venture into the video production arena, thus continuing our pledge to service the needs of our clients in this ever-changing media landscape.

Ryan Harris

Ryan Harris has been in the media industry for over 25 years, with expertise in writing, photography, videography and video editing. Ryan currently publishes national magazines, produces a podcast and creates video and social media content for powersport enthusiasts.

Ed Aurrecoechea


Creative with extended experience in video, worked for Google and Youtube, OtterBox and Disney, helping create highly targeted and customized video ad campaigns.

Today, my portfolio has a variety of content, and show the ability of translate ideas, problem solving, teamwork and collaboration.